Florida Nursing CE Requirements

FNCE_info3For Initial Licensure Renewal

All RNs and LPNs licensed by examination during the current renewal period are exempt from the CE requirements for the first renewal with the exception of the courses below. This exemption also applies to those licensed by endorsement if they took their initial licensure exam during the current renewal period.

RN and LPN Licensees who do not qualify for the exemption listed above are required to obtain 1 contact hour per month or partial month remaining in the biennium from the date the license is issued. These hours must include the courses listed below.

Two (2) hour course relating to prevention of medical errors
One (1) hour of HIV/AIDS

Note: This exemption is lost if the license is not renewed by the renewal deadline.

For Licensure Renewal Following Your First Biennium

All RNs (including CNS and ARNP) and LPNs are required to complete 24 hours of appropriate continuing education (CE) during each renewal period, including two (2) hours relating to prevention of medical errors.  In addition to these 24 hours of general CE, each RN and LPN must complete two (2) hours of domestic violence CE every third renewal for a total of 26 hours. See Rules 64B9-5, F.A.C. for more information about continuing education requirements.

See Rules 64B9-5, F.A.C. for more information about continuing education requirements.

An RN who also holds a current Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner certificate may satisfy the continuing education requirements for both licenses by completing appropriate courses for a registered nurse, or may satisfy up to 50% of the requirement by completing continuing medical education coursework.

Appropriate subject matter for continuing education are those which meet the professional education needs of the licensee in order to meet the health care needs of his or her patients and consist of content from one or more of the following:

  • FNCE_info2Nursing practice areas and special health care problems.
  • Biological, physical, behavioral, and social sciences.
  • Legal aspects of health care.
  • Management/administration of health care personnel and patient care.
  • Teaching/learning process of health care personnel and patients.
  • Subjects at an accredited education institution that are taken and are advanced beyond that completed for original licensure.
  • Personal development subject matter must include application of content as it relates to improved patient care.